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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain can really make it difficult for Phoenix, AZ residents to live life normally. Local chiropractor Dr. Hessler offers a range of hands-on chiropractic solutions for neck pain, all of which are non-surgical and completely safe.

What is The Cause of Neck Pain?

Bad posture, consistent straining of the neck, and whiplash are three of the most common reasons for neck pain today. Bad posture isn't something that happens only while standing up. Many people display poor posture even when they are sitting at home or at work, slouched over a computer screen while bending their neck forward. Some people even cause neck pain problems while they are sleeping, as they use unsupportive pillows that may cause constant neck strain. Whiplash is the most common auto accident injury, although it is also possible to get it in other ways, for example, on roller coaster rides. Whiplash happens when the neck is sharply forced forward and then back, like the movement that happens when a vehicle is struck from behind. This can immediately cause a serious alignment problem with the cervical spine, and pain comes along with it.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

How Can Neck Pain Be Resolved?

Chiropractic care can be an excellent resolution for neck pain because it seeks to correct the problem directly at its place of origin, the cervical spine. The chiropractor will perform a physical exam of the neck area, softly palpating the painful area to determine whether there is any inflammation, tissue damage, or other problems present. A gentle re-alignment of the cervical spine is usually the most effective way to start with a neck pain treatment plan. Patients that have severe pain may also benefit from other kinds of therapy such as heat treatments, ice treatments, and electrical muscle stimulation treatments using a TENS unit.

How Can Future Injury Be Avoided?

Patients who suffer from neck pain often ask the chiropractic care provider how they can prevent the same problem from coming up again. One excellent way to guard against injury is to do prescribed exercises on a daily basis at home. The chiropractor will customize an exercise plan that will help strengthen the area so that it won't be as vulnerable to injury in the future.