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Some Sports Medicine patients are professional athletes, but anyone who suffers a sports-related injury may need chiropractic help to heal properly. Dr. Hessler is a Phoenix, AZ chiropractor who is here to help with any type of sports injury.

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What Types of Sports Injuries Can a Chiropractor Help With?

A chiropractic care provider can help with a wide variety of different sports injuries. Some of the sports injuries treated by chiropractors most often include knee injury, back injury, neck injury, muscle strain, tendonitis, misaligned spine, severe bruises, and tennis elbow. Nearly any injury that was sustained during sports or other physical activity can be treated effectively with chiropractic care methods.

What Are The Main Symptoms of a Sports Injury?

The symptoms can vary widely depending upon the specific injury and the area where the injury occurs. In general, some common symptoms to watch out for include: Swelling, a persistent dull pain, burning sensation in the injured area, sudden headaches, unusually severe muscle soreness, significant inflammation and muscle spasms.

Is a Referred Needed to See a Chiropractor For Sports Injury Treatment?

No, patients may see a Doctor of Chiropractic for sports medicine treatment whether they have a referral from a primary care physician or not. However, a number of primary care doctors do choose to send their patients to a chiropractic caregiver after an injury so that they will have the fullest possible recovery.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care For Sports Injuries?

Most insurance plans do cover chiropractic care for sports injuries. The exact degree and length of coverage may vary from one insurance provider to the next.

Is Chiropractic Care For Sports Injury Okay For All Ages?

Yes, it is. In fact, many chiropractors who specialize in sports injury treat patients ranging from pre-teens to seniors. Chiropractic care is widely considered to be an excellent option for sports injury treatment, regardless of a person's age, because it is completely non-invasive. No prescription medication is needed and no surgery is required. The chiropractor helps the body to unlock its own ability to heal.