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Knee pain can significantly reduce one’s quality of life. It can even make it difficult to perform daily tasks. If you recently suffered a knee injury, or if you have endured knee pain for years, you might may be wondering what treatment options are available that do not include surgery. Dr. Monte Hessler is a stem cell doctor in Phoenix, AZ who has provided patients with surgery-free treatment since 1986. If you would like to find out if he can reduce or eliminate your knee pain, call our office to schedule an exam.

Alternative Treatment for Knee Pain

Surgery is by its very nature invasive, and invasive treatments can hurt more than heal. Invasive treatments can lead to other problems such as infection, scarring, and unintended side effects. Those who are aware of the potential dangers of knee surgery may seek an alternative approach, one that is safe but also effective. As a stem cell doctor in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Monte Hessler understands the concerns that his patients may have about surgical procedures. As a chiropractor, he does not perform surgery and he does not prescribe medications. Instead, Dr. Monte Hessler focuses on the musculoskeletal system and makes adjustments as needed. He also offers stem cell treatment for sufferers of knee pain.

What is stem cell treatment for knee pain?

As a stem cell doctor in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Monte Hessler will extract a small portion of a patient’s stem cells from a healthy area of the body and inject them into the problematic knee area. The patient’s body will then take over and use those added stem cells to regenerate growth in the affected knee. In effect, the injected stem cells are intended to “kick start” the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This is a safe method for treating knee pain and one he may recommend to you after an examination of your condition.

What are the common causes of knee pain?

There are various ways in which knee pain can develop. A stem cell doctor in Phoenix, AZ might tell you of two ways it commonly occurs:

  • Arthritis. This is where the cartilage of the knee suffers deterioration and can worsen as time goes on.
  • Injury. Sports players are most susceptible to bothersome knees after many years of intense physical exertion. Cartilage and ligament tears of the knee structure can contribute to knee pain.

Is surgery ever needed for a knee injury?

In some cases, knee surgery is required for those who suffer a particularly severe knee injury. The person may have a sports-related injury, been involved in a vehicle crash, or damaged the knee in some other way. However, chiropractic care can still be helpful to a person recovering from knee surgery. While surgery can address the problem in an immediate sense, a chiropractor can assist with pain reduction once the acute phase has passed. Your stem cell doctor in Phoenix, AZ may suggest that stem cell treatment can help you recover faster following knee surgery.

Does knee pain ever go away on its own?

Depending on the severity of the knee injury, it is possible that your knee might heal on its own without medical intervention. However, if you have suffered from knee pain for more than a few weeks, you may benefit from seeking treatment from a stem cell doctor in Phoenix, AZ.

How can a chiropractor help my knee pain?

A chiropractor can perform adjustments of the knee joints to help reduce inflammation and pain. By realigning the joints of the knee, the body can then function in the way it was intended. It may not only be the knee itself that is painful either, as when one part of our body is injured it can impact surrounding areas too. Another treatment option is cell stem treatment. Schedule an exam with Dr. Monte Hessler to learn if a stem cell doctor Phoenix, AZ patients trust can help reduce or eliminate your knee pain.